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Three simple steps

Connect with your customers

Shopping happens everywhere now: Instagram feeds, mobile devices, voice-controlled devices, marketplaces – and yes, it still happens in stores and shops and malls. Winning brands are getting in front of their customers in all of the right places.

Actionable insight into social trends and search data mean that brands can make the right decisions when it comes to commerce channels and adapt to changing consumer habits.

Protect your brand

Brand equity is vital. Compelling storytelling, relevance, and immediacy are key objectives for consumer brands. Unifying sales strategies across channels is essential to achieving them.

Our product intelligently adapts product merchandising, messaging and backend attributes on a per-channel basis, so the customer always gets the best experience. That also makes them ready for voice search, image search and social commerce.

Sell with precision and confidence

Brands are turning to ecommerce for growth opportunities and are seeking to diversify their income sources. The direct-to-consumer model gives brands flexibility to expand to new territories and test new products.

Volo looks at relevant demand indicators in real time to give you the right mix of channels and adapts automatically to each – saving time and money.

How it works

Data in, action out

It’s not about reporting. Data is the start, not the end. By capturing data from across the retail ecosystem, Volo generates actionable recommendations and empowers your team to make them happen instantly. By tracking the performance of recommended actions, the system continually learns and improves.

Get more done
Volo focuses your team on what matters. You can choose whether to accept recommendations (which get actioned on the fly, in the background), or let the system roll.

Deliver results
With unparalleled access to market information from hundreds of sources, Volo exists to improve your revenue, margin and customer satisfaction.

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Key benefits

Why Volo?

  1. 1

    Powerful engine

    Volo tracks data from across the retail ecosystem and is always plotting the best course of action for your specific needs and context. The AI underpinning Volo is always learning and improving.

  2. 2

    Accurate and dynamic

    Updating data points in real-time and analysing trends before they happen allows you to adapt your market presence and product roadmap to ever-changing channel and market conditions.

  3. 3

    Brand integrity

    Never let your customers or your brand down. Now you control exactly what you look like, wherever you take your brand.

  4. 4


    The days of manually listing to each channel individually are over. Your team is empowered to make more of their time, actioning recommendations to improve conversion and customer experience.

  5. 5

    Faster set up

    Companies can quickly start selling directly to the right consumers through the right channels. Out-of-the-box product data enrichment means your products are ready to go wherever you want them.

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